5 Weeks to 5k


Learn to Enjoy Running Again, At Your Own Pace!

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Running Clinic

Are you a beginner runner? Do you get intimidated by large running groups? Or feel like you're being left behind because you just can't keep up? Do you want to get back into running after an injury? Or just want to get fit and in shape?

Well, now's your chance to meet all your goals! If you're a beginning runner, or someone who just wants new technique to get back into the sport, then sign up for this amazing 5 weeks to 5k program!


This program was designed by exercise physiologist, Abby Malmstrom,  to take the beginning runner through a 5-week safe training program, no matter what your age, speed, or fitness level! In each week's clinic, you'll learn the skills, form, and technique to become an efficient, injury free, runner, no matter what your pace. You will learn things such as running posture,lean, how to efficiently run hills, core strengthening exercises, and so much more! Your homework will depend on your individual fitness level and goals, and can range anywhere from building up to a 5k, 10k, or 10 miler and beyond!



  • *Initial fitness consultation with Abby 
  • *5 weekly 1 hour running clinic sessions with your certified trainer, Abby
  • *A training schedule for you, based on your goals and initial consultation, to follow for "homework" throughout the week.
  • *One on one coaching, or small group of runners whose goals are similar to yours. For added moral support, join with a friend!
  • *Option to run a 5k race with group and trainer (dependent on race schedule and availability)
  • *Be adequately prepared to begin training for a full or 1/2 marathon!



  • *Location: Rotary Park, Winters, CA 95694 (behind the community center near the amphitheater and running path.
  • *Next Group Training begins: February 14th, 2016, 4pm-5pm.
  • *Cost is discounted to $99 for group sessions if you sign up individually, but if you sign up with a buddy, it's only $89. What a steal! Private and partner training sessions & rates also available year round at your convenience!